I am here to guide you.


A lot of people think being a psychic medium is a wonderfully fun thing. They ask “when did you first know?” or believe it to be a sideshow trick we pull out in exchange for cash or notoriety. The truth is, every psychic medium has a different path, contract with spirit. and general experience. Some seek out mediumship as a profession or hobby and others come to it more reluctantly. I’m one of the latter.

Many people grow up knowing or finding what they want to be in life, but for me, I just wanted to find peace. And for a long time, finding that peace meant hiding. Many psychics—as they are growing up—don’t realize they’re different from other people. They just know things, understand people— what they do and don’t say—things people aren’t even consciously aware of themselves. They know what the truth is even when someone is lying, they see things others don’t, which doesn’t always lead to living a charmed life. It can leave roots of feeling ashamed or wrong for being who you are and seeing what you see and knowing what you know. Psychic mediums are more often than not resonating and tied more deeply to past life wounds of using their gifts in darker times. So for me, I just wanted to grow up to hide away from all of that and find peace inside a normal life.


But Spirit had other plans for me.


My turning point is connected to the night I tucked my newborn daughter into bed. I fell asleep not long after and had a premonition that my biological father was going to pass away. I was familiar with premonitions like this but I never really spoke of them—especially since at that moment, it was really important to me for my dad to meet my daughter. But I woke up and booked a flight home to Chicago so that he could meet and hold her for the first and maybe last time. I’m sure everyone thought I was crazy traveling alone with a four-month old baby, but I was determined. I flew out home, and my dad met and held Olivia. I took one photo of this incredible moment and then, two weeks later on my 30th birthday, my dad passed on. As the years went by I was more determined than ever to fall into a normal life with my daughter. I was angry that my birthday was now tied to something I couldn’t escape. But over time I slowly became willing to face my life—both the one I created to hide and the one I was hiding from. As I faced my anger and pain, I started on the healing journey my soul needed. I began to face my past and present life pain and then finally surrendered to the fact that maybe who I am is something I need to step up to be.

Spirit prompted that with further premonitions, psychic synchronicities, information, and blessings until I landed here.

In my soul contract with Spirit, it’s my intention to be of the highest service for each person I have the privilege of reading. I understand the deep pain life lessons and loss can bring and more than anything, if there is a way to give light, healing, understanding and hope to those who need it, then that is worth stepping out of my comfort zone to redefine my life and live my truth.

My goal for you is quite simple:  I want to help you clear away the inexplicable barriers that prevent you from moving forward. 

I am a therapeutic vessel of healing and hope that will give you the power and confidence you need to move forward in life, make difficult decisions, or completely transform yourself.

I’m a compassionate, focused, and emotionally and spiritually available healer. I am here to erase anguish and anxiety from your life.

And I can’t wait to meet you.