Ellen C.

I felt comfortable, relaxed and amazed at how much spot on validation and new information Jen provided. A few days after my reading, during an upsetting situation, I was able to remember some information Jen had brought to me and it helped me see the context and manage my response in a way that was very healing for me. I have since used this strategy again and again and cannot thank her enough for the heads up. The therapeutic aspects of her reading have been beyond any other medium I have ever been to and I am very grateful and will definitely use her services again.

Jasmine P.

I have been blessed with the pleasure of working with Jennifer on multiple occasions, and she amazes me every time. I have worked with many mediums throughout the country for over the past 20 years, and Jennifer is now my absolute go to. She is a such talented medium and her gifts have been instrumental in my personal development as well as providing guidance in both my work and family life. She is a gem for sure, and I always look forward to being in her presence.


Martha T.

I have come to see Jen a few times. Not surprisingly, her posts on Facebook typically mirrored some personal chaos I was experiencing, and I decided I needed to dig a little deeper. Jens calm, comfortable and easy demeanor makes it a very nice experience. Amid the surprising number of validations she was able to make during each of my visits, she also offered some very common-sense guidelines to help with directing focus and feelings. You might come away from a meeting with feeling like you have a new permission to move ahead with or to leave behind anything that may be sitting on your brain and heart at the moment. Jen is also very direct and unencumbered by superfluous conversation-she finds a way to tell you what her sources want you to know. I HIGHLY recommend. Its hard for me not to want to message her every time I have a question!  


Linda O.

My best friend and I were blessed to receive a reading with Jennifer hoping to hear from my son who passed away a little over 9 months ago. And he did come through. But so much more information was given to both of us. It was an amazing, comforting, informative and mind opening experience. We both left with so much to think about but more importantly with lighter hearts and feelings of healing our souls. I cannot recommend Jennifer more highly. I wish I lived closer so I could see her more often. Spirit is Good and Love Never Dies.