Clearing your way.


There’s nothing you need to prepare or bring with you for your first session. All I need is for you to be open to the experience and be ready to sit, listen, and ask questions. If you would like, feel free to record the session or take notes for later personal reflection.

Each reading duration is set by you and during that time you’ll be with me in a comfortable space, free of distraction. As we begin the spirit energy that I connect with—and that you bring with you into the room—will manifest its presence to me and bring with them information that will help me, help you.

If it’s a telephone reading, please make certain you’re in a comfortable place free of distractions. Again, all the energy I need is with you - as I dial in to you in the physical, it all dials in as well.

I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient mostly with other psychic gifts firing in at random times as well.

As I connect with your energy, I’ll have all I need to read for you whether in person or via telephone.



I offer two kinds of readings:


A General Reading:

I open the portal to spirit and bring through messages, guidance, and advice based on the information that flows my way. The information comes from loved ones passed, angels, guides—your personal energy. It’s a great way to connect with those we miss as well as with spirit. It’s a great start and can offer healing, closure, help, and insight to your life and next steps.

A Deeper Look: 

During these sessions I dive into the energy you carry coupled with blocks you are experiencing. These readings are for those who feel stuck and can’t seem to shift their lives. This hits the reset and puts you back in control of your life. These are more like traditional therapy sessions but come from an energy point of view. For example, if you’re blocked professionally and want to break-out but nothing is aligning, it’s because the belief systems and energy you carry are preventing positive things from manifesting in your reality. By clearing out this negativity we make energetic room for universal divine synchronicity to bring you an opportunity, an idea, a new direction for your life.

We can accomplish a lot in one session, but most clients find it beneficial to schedule a series of sessions to truly focus their lives and get back on track.